Member Spotlight

Meet Emily Tulloh, Owner of Beloved Intimates


The sacred heart that beats at the center of Beloved Intimates burns a sensual path to unlocking one’s innermost desires to feel beautiful and cherished.  As impassioned as a page from a Jane Austen novel, the personal shopping experience women enjoy at this fine intimate apparel and bridal lingerie boutique strips away the shroud of […]

Allyson Shumate, Owner of Ally Fitness


“Do, or do not, there is no try.” Master Yoda may have said it best, but Allyson Shumate is doing it best at Ally Fitness, a personal and group training studio in Hermitage, TN. Unlike more traditional studios, Ally Fitness offers intense supervised training programs that focus of revving up metabolism to burn more fat […]

Donna M. Drehmann, Owner of Listen, Learn, Live, LLC


Donna wants to help you find your customer mojo. As a Certified Net Promoter Score Associate and Customer Experience professional with over 15 years of experience championing the voice of the customer, Donna Drehmann, owner of Listen, Learn, Live, LLC knows what works, the processes needed to make it work, and the value internal quick wins can add to your customer’s confidence in your business.

Totally Floored! ICD Flooring Celebrates 5 Years of Service Excellence

Barbara Tyler ICD Flooring

By: Jacqueline Hayes, Owner of Crayons & Marketers, LLC Barb, a former accounting professional from Rochester, New York, got her start in flooring in an unconventional way – a browse through the Yellow Pages.  Having lost her accounting position during the economic downturn in the 1980s, she flipped through the once popular business directory until she […]

Lynda Jones Running For Judge


By: Jacqueline Hayes, Owner of Crayons & Marketers, LLC “The law is reason, free from passion,” says Aristotle. But to Lynda F. Jones, Principal at The Jones Law Group, it is passion that drives her to do what she does, to stand in the shoes of her clients and fight their fight. She is very […]

Brenda McClearen, McClearen Design


Brenda McClearen is an artist, first and foremost.  As far back as she can remember, that’s all she’s ever wanted to be.  Little did she know that her passion for creating beautiful images wouldn’t be splashed across a canvas or etched into pale gray stone, but used to help others inspire, engage, and connect their […]

Andrea Farr, Owner of Nashville Geek


By: Jacqueline Hayes, Owner of Crayons & Marketers, LLC “No matter what marketing, advertising or promotions you do, if your company or website can’t be found online, you will miss the opportunity to do business.”  So says Andrea Farr, co-owner and official ‘geek translator’ of Nashville Geek, a technology and web design firm specializing in […]

Carol Koenig, President, Group Trek Travel


By: Jacqueline Hayes, Owner of Crayons & Marketers, LLC Have you ever gone sailing aboard a luxurious yacht, bathing not only in the sun hanging high above the Greek Isles, but in the culture and mythology that calls out from hillsides etched with ancient ruins and time worn villages? When is the last time you’ve […]

Marcelle Guilbeau, Interior Designer, NCIDQ, LEED-AP


By: Jacqueline Hayes, Owner of Crayons & Marketers, LLC Sitting down and having a conversation with Marcelle Guilbeau is like entering a Zen garden.  Layer by layer, the stresses and strains that may have led you to seek her expertise, begin to fall away and revel the best part of the space you want to […]

Jill Spry, Agency Recruiter, State Farm Insurance


As a young professional, if you would have told Jill Spry that she’d be working in the insurance business, she would have laughed. Jill liked to experience new things and moving around from job to job had become routine. Encouraged by her mother, Jill settled down and sought out a stable opportunity with a great […]